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Our Goals of 2015- Updates

Sunday, June 21, 2015
A few months ago we wrote down our goals and resolutions for the year of 2015, now we are scarily half way through, it's time for some updates

Sophia's 2015 Goals

1) Drink more water 

As Summer is here now, this is a must, I feel like a still need to keep up with this constantly.

2) Write more 

As I have another secret goal I want to complete by the end of 2015, this so far is going well in a sense, I definitely need to focus more on this and create more content

3) Learn

whether this is learning something new like a language or coding, or making filter coffee- I've been slowly getting back into it. I take any opportunity I get to practice my mandarin and hopefully I'll take an exam this year.

4) Exercise

In the overall perspective I've done better than I thought I would, but this definitely needs improvements as I need to exercise more.

5) Save Money

I've started to put a certain percentage of money in a savings account these past months, every little helps ;)

6) Take more pictures

I've definitely done more of this, my last trip to the UK I took photos with all my favourite people and I'm so happy I have memories to look back on.

Apple's 2015 Goals

1) To learn what's more important to me: standing up for myself or holding it in 

Oh man it's that time of the year already?! I'm still on the path of discovering this... But this year I think i've definitely stood up for myself more. (e.g. I would tell a person who's cutting the queue to get in line, which is something I'd never have dared do before), perhaps it's cos I give less f***s about what people think now.

2) Practice long-term commitment in something

When it comes to money-saving, bailey-loving, coding-learning, I'm happy to say I've been committed so far!

3) Build some muscle, lose more fat

Errrr ....I still have more fat than muscle (sad face, lol). OK half a year to BURN. Might have to succumb to printing out naked photos of myself and pinning it on the fridge so I'd think before I open it.

4) Grow the business

This has been on hiatus.

5) Be a better person

Mmm...I'm still an impatient, judgmental bitch. But I feel a tad more caring in some aspects. I hope the bitch in me burns with the fat.

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