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20 thoughts from an overthinker

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
  1. *dreams about being late for work*
  2. *alarm rings* hmm what day is it, is it Saturday? Oh no it's only Tuesday, I'm going to be late!
  3.  Whilst waiting for the bus, this bus has been late before, I hope it isn't today, I don't want to be late for work.
  4. Stares at the coffee machine. Hmm maybe it isn't good idea to have a coffee today, might set off my heart palpitations
  5. I'll just have hot water instead at least it can only scold my insides and not make me have a panic attack
  6. Crap, did I lock the door? Turn off the gas and water? Did I leave the windows open, I hope it doesn't rain later....
  7. Goes through emails- man, this email doesn't sound very cheerful, I hope I didn't do something wrong- did I mess up last week?
  8. *stomach growls* I hope no one heard that
  9. Well I know I will have lunch soon, but I really should eat something, I hope I don't get judged for this
  10. Oh shoot, the middle of my food is slightly cold, am I going to die from food poisoning? Has anyone died from food poisoning? I wonder what the statistics of death by food poisoning is like...
  11. Huh, did I forget to send out those emails?  Was there anything else I screwed up today? I really hope not,
  12. I wonder what would happen if this lift just crashed right now, would I act super chill or freak the hell out, probably the latter
  13. That guy looks kind of creepy, he has that vibe, hope he doesn't follow me home
  14.  Sits sleeps on the bus and drools, gahhhhh how embarrassing, please say no one saw. Maybe one day I'll sleep and just wake up in the middle of nowhere.
  15. I wonder if anyone on this bus has committed any horrific crimes, the statistics do say the killer is usually someone you know, better not get to know any of these people then
  16. *Pokes the meat that's cooking* well it looks done, but I really don't want to get ill from this, maybe  a few more minutes then
  17.  What?! This product is harmful to the animals, I need to stop using it right away, I've been hurting all the animals *cries*
  18.  Damn it's so hot today, *turns on air con*, I already don't want to see the electricity bill next month, maybe I should just sweat it out- think of the environment Sophia
  19.  I need to put this food away or I might get a massive cockroach infestation, eurgh
  20. How on earth is it midnight?! I need to get some sleep or I'm going to be late tomorrow 

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