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Malaysia Day Three: Ipoh & Cameron Highlands

Saturday, August 29, 2015
The final days of my Malaysia trip, catch up on Day One here and Day Two here.

So I never thought I would have a curry for breakfast, but it sure was good! I tried my first Indian 'tights' tea with eggs and roti which tasted amazing. After breakfast we had a little walk and drive around Cameron Highlands and also got taken to the amazing temple in the area.

As Cameron Highlands is a lot cooler temperature wise, we decided on steamboat, otherwise known as 'hot pot' in Hong Kong. It was full of delicious vegetables and the broth was delicious, it was the perfect combination for the cold weather too. I tried my first 'white sweetcorn' which I ate raw, it was crispy and sweet leaving a lingering starchy texture. After lunch, we drove back down to Ipoh to hear our Sifu host a talk in the evening. But before that, we got taken to a remote district a little outside the main city of Ipoh and had probably the best seafood I've eaten so far. Full of the freshest seafood, steamed prawns, and I have to say the spicy XO crabs were my favourite. I had to stop myself from nibbling on all the leftover pieces!

That kind of rounds off my few days in Malaysia, as you can tell from all the pictures, I ate all the food. Malaysia exceeded my expectations too, the food was delicious, people were nice and helpful and we were extremely lucky to be driven around as well as shown around everything. If you were ever hesitating about visiting Malaysia, push those fears away now! Delicious affordable food, cosy streets, beautiful historical buildings, what else do you need? I will most definitely go back again, hopefully to some new destinations too!

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