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Crooked (삐딱하게)

Monday, August 31, 2015
Last Saturday was spent with Michelle, we headed over to our favourite Hong Kong Island side via the tram of course ;) and she kindly treated me to high tea at the Continental hotel but before that we took these shots outside.

Lately, I've discovered (albeit 9 years too late) BIG BANG, hence the title of this post- GD's song 'crooked' got me through this crazy week. The bright fuscia lipstick is the one and only, Revlon's Pink Orchid. This black and white dress I got for a steal at $99 from Maple, paired with sunnies, a side clutch it makes me hopeful that I could fit in S. Korea fashion scene (I wish).

High tea was delicious (but more on this later....) we were full to bursting that we almost contemplated walking to Central. Hopping on a tram, we headed over to the Central Piers for a sneaky little ferry over to TST. As well as chasing the moon and sun for some good pictures.

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