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My Scheming Black Mask for Blackheads

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
I picked this up as I've heard a new buzz around this product on the beauty scene, My Scheming Beauty is also known for it's wide range of sheet masks too. This face mask is a three step one, so definitely perfect for a pamper night when you have some more time on your hands.

Firstly, you want to open up your pores so grab yourself a hot towel or try and steam up your face for a few minutes. This is the time to apply step one all over the areas you want to reduce the pores on, apply and leave for 8 minutes. After that, wash it off and dab your nose dry.

Next you want to start part two- the blackhead mask, here you want to cover your whole nose with a thick layer and leave it to dry until the mask hardens. This usually takes thirty to forty minutes depending the amount you used. Once you feel as though the mask has hardened lift it up slowly from the end of your nose and peel it in an upwards motion. If you have any residue left over wash it off with some lukewarm water.

Finally, you need to close off your pores with step three- smooth it over your nose and you can leave this last step on your skin. I have to say, after using this mask, I felt a big difference on my nose- my blackheads and pores were minimised and it left my skin softer. Also there's something disgustingly satisfying about seeing your pores that are left on the mask, kind of like peeling a plaster to let it breathe.

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