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50 Facts About Us

Sunday, September 13, 2015

To get to know us a little bit more, here are some fun facts about us!


1. I was born in the UK, but I'm of Chinese descent

2. Sometimes I seem like an extrovert, but really I'm a true introvert

3. I know a few languages, even Hakka

4. I've always wanted to move to Hong Kong

5. I studied Criminology at University

6. 80% of the time I'm happy, 10% I'm over thinking then the other 10% consists of tiredness, sadness and frustration

7. I'm not a fussy eater

8. I'm a secret cat lady

9. I love music from Taylor Swift to Young MC

10. I'm incredibly independent

11. If it was acceptable to dance and sing in public, I would be the first one to do it

12. Sometimes I get sick of the internet and using my phone, that I wish I was in the middle of nowhere

13. I'm a little secretive and only trust a select few people to share my thoughts with

14. Everyday I try and think of something I'm grateful for

15. I'm hopelessly optimistic- the milk is always half full for me

16. I have strange tastes in things- complete opposites of what people 'think' I should like

17. At work I'm really organised, but in my own life? Eh, not so much

18. Though, I'm good at replying to messages and it makes me feel uneasy if I don't

19. I'm ridiculously clumsy- I trip over my own two feet

20. My hearing is pretty bad too- when I was younger I always had to listen to the restaurant kitchen's ventilation system which is loud
21. I've found that I'm pretty good at searching for things

22. My ultimate food weakness are crisps- I can eat them endlessly

23. I usually will choose vegetables over meat

24. Unfortunately, I'm a little paranoid and suffer from OCD too

25. Although I'm deathly afraid of deep water, my favourite and calming place is anywhere next to the sea.


1. I think dogs are better than humans

2. I like to create & build stuff, like jigsaw puzzles, designing stuff on photoshop, arts & craft

3. I prefer fiction over non-fiction

4. People tell me I'm quite blunt and direct

5. I always consider the benefits of doing something before I do it

6. I do not like to waste time

7. I'm easily frustrated by people who take too long to think/decide/take action. I also have an issue with people who talk too much.

8. My favourite thing about Hong Kong is its speed & efficiency

9. My least favourite thing about Hong Kong is the crowds and the fact that people can be quite rude

10. I both like and dislike being the centre of attention...

11. I'm attracted to guys who are the centre of attention

12. I'm attracted to guys who are true to themselves and don't give a fuck what others think

13. I wish I was more of the above

14. My favourite quote of the year is: 

15. My ideal life is living on a farm with my family and many animals

16. I am also an introvert who appears to be an extrovert

17. People who don't know me think I am cold and stoic

18. I cry over books, movies, cartoons

19. I wish people didn't hurt/hunt animals for fun

20. I wish my mum and my dogs in Malaysia would move to Hong Kong so we are all together

21. I like to drink alcohol because that's when I feel like I can loosen up a bit. Most of the time I'm pretty tensed

22. I love Bailey very very much.

23. Career achievement is important to me. I want to achieve financial freedom by age 35

24. My mum is Malaysian, my dad is Korean, and I carry a HK passport

25. For the past year or so, I've felt content and stable inside (I was an emotional roller coaster before). I have a feeling it's because my boyfriend has been there for me all along.

Now you know us a bit better, tell us about YOU! :)

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