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Daniel Wellington Classy York in Rose Gold

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This lil beauty was kindly gifted to me for my birthday by Apple and Melody. I had been dreamily pining over the watches on DW for the past few months too and this was one of my favourite styles, so they know me so well!

This is the Classy York strap with the rose gold edging, and embossed swarovski crystals gently indented on the face. The movement of watch is silent too, that Japanese Quartz movement, I pressed my ear towards it and I couldn't hear the usual ticking noise.

The design is very simple but chic, it pairs well with all of my outfits and now lives on my wrist all the time. With the watch straps, you can also change them up- so you have an array of options, from the classic leather strap to the sporty canvas ones. If you were ever contemplating the DW, I would definitely edge you on with a firm yes, go buy it. 

Daniel Wellington Available Here

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