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Origins Spot Remover- the quick review

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This stuff may look small, but I promise you that it packs a punch! I've been through a good two tubes of this stuff now, and one tube always lasts me up to a year (depending on how much I've broken out!). As the packaging is so compact, taking it for travelling is excellent too. I mostly use this after moisturiser & serum as the last steps of my routine and dab a small amount on any spots that I have. It does contain salicylic acid so if you're sensitive to the ingredients, I would definitely recommend doing a test patch first. Each time I apply this, it does leave a tiny sting but after a minute it goes and also dries clear. I adore using it, even though it's for the worst things spots. 

Origins Spot Remover- $150 HKD

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