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LG G4 Review

Sunday, August 23, 2015
When everyone was switching to the iPhone 6, Soph and I decided to be rebellious and go for the LG G4. And boy am I having a love affair with this device. I'm no gadget expert, but I'd like to share this little review with you in case you're also looking at non-iPhone alternatives.

Why the LG G4 is awesome

1. Professional camera for noobs like me

These photos are unedited, and you can see how LG G4 is great both when it comes to capturing small details or wider landscapes. The camera is superb at auto focusing and blurring out the background to give a very professional result coming from a smartphone camera. The best thing about the LG G4 camera though, is that even in very dim conditions, this phone can produce some impressively sharp photos. Great for those candlelit dinner dates if you're the romantic type.

There are some really cool features like controlling photo capture by voice (say Cheese or Kimchi!) or for selfies, just close your hand into a fist to activate a 3 second countdown shot.

If you wanna shoot like a pro, the LG G4 has some nifty controls like those in DSLR cameras. Stuff like shutter speed, ISO, white balance - all very very cool, but I have no idea how to use them YET. But hey, with auto mode I'm still getting some pretty good shots right? ;)

2. The speed 

Now I don't know what the standard benchmark of speed is (I'm sure there's a technical term for this..), but I am very impressed with the LG G4. I'm not an avid gamer, instead I use my smartphone mostly for Whatsapp, photos, internet browsing and emails. For using these features, switching between apps, photo capturing etc. when I compare to my previous experiences with ex-phones, they were snails and LG G4 is a rocket. Shame on you exes!

3. All about me

Ok hands down the LG G4 is so fun & easy to customize! To give you one example, see how I've changed my boring 'Contacts' icon and 'Internet' icon to sexier Bailey & Minion?

4. Accessibility

One of the most noticeable differences of the LG smartphone design is the absence of side buttons, which LG has placed at the back of the phone instead. I have to admit that when I first tried this, it was very weird, but once I got used to it, I actually prefer it. I'm less likely to accidentally press onto the volume buttons or the screen lock button, and the position of the back buttons are actually perfect for your fingers to reach for easily. The back buttons also gives you shortcut access to the camera & the memo app so you don't miss a moment or thought.

5. Knock knock, who's there?

This phone unlocks when you lightly knock (tap) on the screen so you don't even have to lift up your phone to wake it up. You can set your own knock pattern for greater security measures.

All in all, the LG G4 is indeed a great phone. IMO it's definitely better than the Samsung phones I've previously used. Can't compare against iPhone since I've never owned one. But price-wise, surely it's already a winner? ;) 

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